Treatment Team

Arthur J. Hodge

MD, Medical Director

Dr. Hodge has 40 years of experience with male hormone treatment. Dr. Hodge's medical career started in the Army, where he was a Laboratory Officer at the Fort Hood Army base in Texas. Once out of the military, he became the only MD-Physician in a small Pennsylvania town, where for thirty years he handled everything from emergencies to serious medical treatments.

Once a high-level track & field athlete, he ran a 9.9 second 100 yard dash at the prestigious Penn State relays. Later on, in his late thirties, he took up the sport of power-lifting. In competition, he had a personal best 450-pound squat in the 198-pounds class. 

For 40+ years in medicine, Dr. Hodge has been a passionate physician. He has "walked the walk, not just talked the talk" when it comes to peak male performance!

Ronald Bramson

DPM, PA-C Physician Assistant

Paul Seguin

Patient Consultant

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